ID in IC: Infectious Diseases in Immunocompromised Hosts Blog Overview

This site aims to review current trends, literature, clinical trials, and epidemiology, focusing on infectious diseases in cancer, transplant and  other immunocompromised patients.  As the population of immunocompromised patients grows in the US and around the world, prevention and treatment of major infections has become an area of critical importance in medicine.  This blog will address new an emerging infections, novel immunosuppressive agents, interesting images and/or clinical cases.  A major goal of this blog will be to bring other voices, critical commentary and discussion regarding aspects of managing infections – and that includes bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.   Where possible I will hope to use the blog to review recent conferences, particularly relevant to this community.  This forum will also represent a place to present challenging ideas, to discuss areas of controversy and hopefully to hear patient and provider voices.  Finally, this site will provide a forum for discussing academic life and upcoming meetings within the field.


*Please note this blog are representations of my opinions and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer(s)